Single 40′ Container Expanding to Double Living Space

  1. Structure.
    • Modified from 1 40ft HQ new Shipping Container.
  2. Size.
    • L 12192 x W 2438 x H 2896mm
    • Expandable part W 1500mm.
  3. Floor.
    • 26mm Waterproof Pplywood
    • 17mm Composted Wood Floor
    • Solid Wood Skirting
    • Bathroom: Ceramic floor and wall tile decoration, water proof treatment.
  4. Wall.
    • Light Steel Structure
    • 50mm rock wool insulation
    • 9.5mm fiber cement board as walls and painted by ICI
    • Bathroom: Plywood and cermaic tile wall.
  5. Veranda.
    • Veranda Size 12912 x 1500mm. Made of steel frome and plywood floor inside, composite floor outside.
    • Veranda wall, steel frame and glass.
    • Veranda roof, sandwich panels.
    • Veranda Stair, Steel frame and composite wood panels.
  6. Ceiling.
    • Light steel frame.
    • 50mm rock wool insulation core.
    • 9.5mm fiber cement board as walls and painted by ICI
  7. Doors and Windows.
    • Entrance aluminum ally sliding double glass door.
    • Bathroom door, glass sliding door
    • Aluminum alloy frame double glass door
    • Strong and Secure.
  8. Toilet.
    • Cabinet wash basin with mirror, faucet.
    • Toilet, shower with shower head (Hot Cold water system)
  9. Configuration and Fittings.
    • Wardrobe and Locker
    • Kitchen with sink and tap.
    • Bed.
  10. Electrical Items.
    • Distribution box with breakers
    • Cable, LED Lights
    • Sockets, Switches
    • Water Supply and Drainage Piping System

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