Flat Pack Container House

  1. Container Size.
    • Length 6058mm
    • Width 4876mm
    • Hieght 2896mm
  2. Roof.
    • Galvanised Steel Structure with Painting.
    • 75mm Thickness Colour-Bond EPS Sandwich Panel.
    • 2mm Polyurethane Roof Sheet Covering.
  3. Floor.
    • Channel Galvanised Steel Framework
    • Bamboo Plywood Flooring.
    • Water Proof PVC Covering.
  4. Walls.
    • 75mm Thick Colour-Coated Steel EPS (Expanded Polystyrene) Sandwich Panels.
    • Linked with Tongue-and-Groove Solution.
  5. Removable Pillar (8pcs).
    • Steel Cold-Formed Pillar, Wall Painted
    • Linked with Rood and Floor with Screws
  6. Door.
    • Aluminum Ally Frame with Double Glass Sliding Door.
    • Aluminum Door Frames and Doorsill.
    • Stainless Steel anti-theft Lock (External Door).
  7. Packing and Shipping.
    • CKD (Completely Knock Down) All Material are Packed in 1 x40ft Container to ship.
    • 1x40ft can load 2 Houses.

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