40ft Container Plain with Patio


  1. Structure.
    • Modified From 1 40ft New Standard Shipping Container.
    • With an Extra Container Floor for Planting.
  2. Size.
    • Length 12192mm x Width 2438mm x Hieght 2896mm.
  3. Floor.
    • 26mm Waterproof Plywood (Basic Marine Container Floor).
    • 18mm Composted Wood Floor.
    • Solid Wood Skirting.
    • Bathroom: Ceramic Floor and Wall Tiles. Waterproof Treatment.
  4. Wall.
    • Light Steel Structure.
    • 100mm Rock Wool Insulation.
    • 9mm Plasterboard Walls.
    • Bathroom: Plywood Wall and Ceramic Tile.
  5. Ceiling.
    • Light Steel Frame.
    • 100mm Rock Wool Insulation.
    • 9mm Plasterboard Walls.
    • Aluminum Buckle Board Ceiling for Kitchen and Shower Room.
  6. Doors and Windows.
    • Aluminum Alloy Sliding Doouble Glass Door and Window
    • Strong and Secure.
  7. Utilities.
    • Distribution Box with Breakers.
    • Cables and LED Lights
    • Sockets, Switches
    • Water Supply and Drainage Piping System (Hot and Cold Water System).
    • Toilet and Shower Unit.
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