2 x 40ft Staggered Units Side by Side with Corridor Between.


  1. Structure.
    • Modified from 2 40ft HQ new Shipping Container
  2. Size.
    • Length 12192mm x Width 2438mm x Height 2896mm (Each Container) – Total about 75sqms/802 sqft.
    • Veranda to connect the two containers width 1500mm.
  3. Floor.
    • 26mm Waterproof Plywood.
    • 8mm Composted Wood Floor
    • Solid Wood Skirting.
    • Bathroom: Ceramic Floor and Wall Tile Decoration with Waterproof Treatment.
  4. Wall.
    • Light Steel Structure.
    • 50mm Rock Wool insulation.
    • 8mm Fiber Cement Board.
    • Bathroom: Plywood walls and Ceramic Tiles.
  5. Middle Veranda.
    • Size. Length 12912 x Width 1500mm Made of Steel Frame and Plywood Floor inside, Composite Floor Outside.
    • Wal. Steel Frame and Glass.
    • Roof. Sandwich Panels.
    • Stair. Steel Frame and Composite Wood Panels.
  6. Ceiling.
    • Light Steel Frame
    • 50mm Rock Wool Insulation Core.
    • 8mm Fiber Cement Board Walls.
  7. Door and Windows.
    • Entrance. Aluminum Alloy Sliding Double Glass Door
    • Bathroom. Glass Sliding Door.
    • Frames. Aluminum Alloy Double Glass Door.
    • Strong and Secure.
  8. Utilities.
    • Distribution Box with Breakers
    • Cable, LED Lights
    • Sockets and Switches
    • Water Supply and Drainage Pipes.

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