2 x 20 foot Containers Linked

For clients wanting more of a square home, we take two 20 foot shipping containers and link them to give almost 28 square metres of internal living space and can then add outdoor living areas with veranda, patio, or any other areas you require.

The external finish can be anything from the raw container look, to almost any finish such as stone, wood, bamboo, brick, or just a plain smooth painted finish. It’s up to you. You tell us how you want it to look outside and we’ll prepare it for you.

Inside, you can choose any design layout and any window and door configuration you require, with either just small windows plenty of large windows, large folding patio doors, or anything else. Flooring can be a beautiful laminate, natural wood, tiles, or anything else you like, as can be the walls as well. Some clients like their walls to be a wood or wood laminate finish and others like their walls a smooth finish. Of course, whatever you choose, we also include full insulation to protect you from heat, cold, damp and even sound. You tell us what you want!

Then it’s simply delivered to your site ready with everything you want, already prepared with all fixtures and fittings, including a fully fitted kitchen, plus a bathroom with toilet, shower, bath, cupboards and of course living areas and bedrooms with fitted wardrobes, etc. and even all the plumbing and electrics ready to be connected and ready for you in as little as one day!

The containers can be bolted directly onto a concrete basement, or can be supplied to be raised on pillars, or even onto a steel base frame to keep it raised off the ground.

However, the design is up to you.
Now for one of our own ideas shown below:
The following images you’ll see some ideas for an external finish with an extra veranda, plus wood and other cladding.

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