Container Living in Luxury and Comfort

Shipping containersthe new contemporary homes, offices, hotels, apartment blocks! Any combination of 40 foot or 20 foot containers. Whether you want one container, or lots of them combined, stacked up to six containers highYou decide!

They’re incredibly inexpensive and quick to move into, with a complete home or office delivered to your personal design and specification, direct from the factory to your site, complete with windows, doors, kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, wardrobes, flooring, electrics, plumbing and all fully insulated and with all the fixtures and fittings ready to offload to your site, connected and ready to move into within a few hours of delivery!

For those who don’t want their home to look like a shipping container, there are a variety of external cladding options which will make it look like a log cabin, or any other sort of wood or bamboo, or even stone or a smooth painted finish.

With a variety of internal insulated wall finishes and flooring of all types, you can have your dream home in no time at all.

A 40 foot home ready from £12,000 – 14,500 Euro – USD16,000, or a 20 foot home from £9,000.

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